Floplug bot in your shopify store

Enable and disable floplug from your shopify store

Floplug with shopify store

Make sure that your shopify store is connected to floplug. For this you can login to floplug with two methods

  • Login to floplug with shopify and provide authenticate to communicate to your shopify store
  • Install the floplug app from shopify store, and authenticate floplug to communicate to your shopify store

You can verify this by viewing the Setting page in floplug account in Store connected field inside the Shopify section

Store Connected

To connect a workflow to shopify you should have a workflow created. Create a new workflow if you don't have one. You can check this post on How to create a workflow?. If you have a workflow created follow these steps.

  1. Please select the settings tab in the sidebar menu and scroll down to the Shopify Settings.
  2. Verify that your shopify store name is present in Store Connected field in
  3. Select your workflow in the Workflow connected field and click the Connect button. This will automatically add the floplug bot to your shopify store page.

Store Connected

So, Now you have a workflow connected with your website, Read more about how the powerful Live chat and push modules you get with floplug.