How to use floplug chat and what are push modules?

Know more about the floplug chat, push modules and how to use them.

How to use floplug chat?

  1. All incoming chat can be viewed on the chat page.
  2. New chats are highlighted in bold.
  3. On clicking each chat the chat section expands up.

Chats View

  1. You can reply to incoming interactions only when the chat module comes into action.
  2. The '+' bottom in active chat ( enabled chat module ), allows you to push custom modules like options and Shopify specific modules like Draft Order, Push Product, Push Collection and Discounts to the end user ( this function is available only if you have linked Floplug to your online store )

What are push modules?

Floplug comes with push modules, these are additional custom chat functionalities that can be pushed to user. One example, is pushing a discount code through chat.

We currently have 3 types of push modules,

  • Shopify Products – This module lets you push product recommendations to the customers via chat.
  • Shopify Collection – This module lets you push collections page to customers via chat.
  • Shopify Discounts – With this module you can push available discounts from the store directly to the customer via chat.

Push Modules