Introducing Floplug Workflows: The flows that makes your life easier

Know more about workflows and how floplug uses it.

What is a workflow?

Workflow is a sequence of inputs/options to guide the users to their required feature/stage. We can create workflows to automate the bot responses and help them feel connected.

How to create a workflow?

Please follow the below steps to create a workflow.

  1. Please select the workflow tab in the navigation section in the left.
  2. Existing workflows would appear on this page and you can edit it after creation here. To create a new workflow select the Create new workflow button on the top right corner of the page.

Create workflow

  1. Name your workflow in the pop up which will proceed you to the creation page.
  2. You should now be redirected to the workflow editor page. Each single component in the graph is called a module. In order to create a large workflow we attach multiple modules to create a smart graph which would automate the bot responses.

To create a new module please select the + button with blue color found at the bottom of the existing module. By default we always have a root module which is indestructible, and is of type text, but can be edited to suit our preference.

On selecting the module, the module settings can be found at the left side of the editor, which you can edit.

Workflow Editor

  1. Each module has the following properties :- Type, Text. There might be additional properties which are specific to the module selected.

Below are the Generic Module Properties:

  • Type defines the type of message sent to the customer. A few examples are text, inputs, options, live chat, checkbox and radio buttons.

Below are the module types and what they are:

  • Text – Plain Simple Text – Used when you want to push simple texts to the end user. ( By default the first module is always text module )
  • Options – Used when you want to provide a set of choices to your customer to select from. We can attach multiple modules to a single option module. Each option will guide the user to follow a different path. For each module added to the option module, an additional field will be created in the Additional Options section in Option Modules’ settings.
  • Text Input – These are used to get an input from customer’s, like email or phone number.
  • Chat Module – Chat modules are used to create a live private channel for chat between the floplug account user and the customer, where the customer can directly communicate their requirements with you.
  • Checkbox and Radio Groups ( coming soon ) - Checkboxes are for selecting multiple options. Radio buttons are for single selection.
  • Shopify Order Tracking - This is a Shopify specific module that can be used to track user order live within the chat with just their email/phone number and order number.

This is a sample workflow with live chat and email subscription.

Sample Workflow

  1. Please save your workflow stage as you add multiple modules, by clicking the save button on the top right corner of the workflow editor page. After successful creation of the workflow please publish your workflow to save the workflow and to start using it by clicking the Publish button in the top right corner of the workflow editor near the Save button.
  2. After successfully publishing your workflow, you’ll be redirected back to the workflow page, where you can find your new workflow listed. Furthermore you can edit, delete the workflow, also view the chats from the customers using the chat module attached to your workflow. We have also added an option to get the javascript code for the workflow which you can use to get our bot in your site.

Once you have a workflow ready you can now connect the workflow with your shopify store. Follow this post on How to connect workflow and shopify store?

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