Floplug Is More
Than A Chatbot

The industry average ecommerce session time is 120 seconds.Floplug provides an all-in-one chat experience to put those 2 minutes to the best use.


No credit card required.

Upgraded Features, Simplified Navigation

Create pre-defined flows and automated response.

Organise chat history streamlining all information for easier access.

Provide customisation and provide superior business branding to your account.

Save time and save dollars by optimising your website’s capacity.

Modern full-fledged chatbox designed to communicate, upsell and support that lets you chat 24/7.

With Floplug chatbox, you won’t you miss a customer inquiry and a sales opportunity.

Popular Platform Integration

Exponential customer service improvement by integrating our live-chat to your website.

Seamless compatibility with Shopify with over 800,000 users worldwide

Communicate • Engage • Convert • Grow

Solution to Confusion

Stats say that roughly 20% of buyers change their mind due to product confusion. With Floplugs’ workflow ability to put support into action, these segments of vistors can be captured in a jiffy.

Discount Request

Additional discount doesn’t hurt if it increases your sales revenue. Our discount modules let you push predefined and custom discounts to buyers so you just have to watch them checkout. Live.

Advanced Software Features

With Presets, Integrations and Push Modules, upselling products, collection or even pushing discount are all possible. Floplug integrates with Shopify to make these features available at your fingertips through our dashboard or mobile app.

Smart Support Technology

With Floplugs’ superior CX, it provides seamless and fool proof customer support experience for end users.

Sophisticated Conversational Agents

At Floplug we believe an ideal customer experience is when you maintain proportions of cybernation and human efforts. We make sure customers reach you when they need you and automate what would be an unnecessary overhead for the agents delivering a refreshing experience from those Psuedo-AI bot.

Order Tracking

Make customers feel at ease by providing the ability to track their purchases. Dispense order status at any second they need it without leaving the chatbox.

Where Did They Go Wrong

  • Unnecessarily Complicated User Interface
  • Lack of State Management
  • Slows Down Store Loading
  • Out of Context AI Responses
  • No Store Connection
  • Feeble Security and Privacy
  • Lack of Customisation
  • Single Session Chats
  • One Single Chat Integration
  • Old School User Interface
  • Installation Requires Technical Knowledge

We Got Your Back

  • Complexity Put Into A Simple User
  • Personalise to the aesthetic of your store
  • Non Blocking Code Integration
  • Ideal blend of humans and bots
  • All Store Information is available within the chat.
  • Endless State Management
  • End to End Encryption
  • Customer Lifetime Session
  • Easy Plug & Play Modules and Integrations
  • Modern Sleek User Interface
  • Zero Technical Knowledge Required

Experience Higher Conversion Rates

Increase revenue up to 2% by drawing your users towards your sales funnel

Experience the power of push modules in customer service as a sales engine and save dollars and time from investing into building your own chatbot. Rather, integrate Floplug proactive chatbot to your business and experience revenue growth by turning chatdesks into a sales channel.

Improve Lead Generation, Increase Customer Engagement

Optimise Workflow

Let business owners iteratively provide the best experience to their end users


Allows you to customise, label andbrand the chats to your liking.


Modules and integration lets you create flows based on your needs, not ours

State Management

Know your customers better with state management as they give you Lifetime Value and shouldn’t be treated like a quick buck.

Easy Accessibility

Provide customers flawless experience in any scenarios with the help of beautifully created workflows

User Interface

The chatbot that comes withglamour, character and brains

Refined Dashboard

Floplug consolidates and simplifies data inputs all digestible in a single modern dashboard. Confusion-free.

Mobile Messenger Application

Connect with your customers conveniently with Floplug App

iOS and Android Compatible